Principal Investigator
Daniel Casasanto

How experience shapes the brain and mind.
Lab Manager
Amanda Dobbyn

Language and Thought; Cultural Relativity; Bilingualism
Graduate Students
Geoffrey Brookshire

Neural Basis of Emotion; Motor Experience; Language; Metaphor; Bodily Relativity
Tom Gijssels

Language; Social Neuroscience; Space and Time; Bodily Relativity
Defu Yap

Gesture; Metaphor; Iconicity in Language
Benjamin Pitt

Neural Basis of Creativity; Bodily Relativity; Cognitive Design
Rebecca Rosen

Racial Perception; Political Attitudes; Minority Opinion
Ché Lucero

Gesture; Language; Metaphor; Clinical Applications of Cognitive Theory
Masters Student
Dayly Dickinson

Linguistic Relativity, Cultural Relativity, Metaphor
Long Distance Operatives
Roberto Bottini

Metaphor; Linguistic Relativity; Cultural Relativity; Consciousness; Space and Time
Sarah Dolscheid (Ph.D. Student, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nymegen, NL)

Linguistic Relativity; Psychophysics; Metaphor
Kyle Jasmin (Ph.D. Student, UCL, London; NIMH, Bethesda, MD)

Language; Social Neuroscience; Gesture; Metaphor; Bodily Relativity
Antonio Román (Ph.D. Student, University of Granada)

Cultural Relativity; Space and Time; Gesture
Juanma de la Fuente (Ph.D. Student, University of Granada)

Bodily Relativity; Cultural Relativity; Emotion; Motor Experience
Jonathan Kominsky (Ph.D. Student, Yale University)

Causal Cognition; Metaphor; Emotion; Bodily Relativity; Perspective Taking
Research Assistants
Nikolai Maximay

Mental Number Line; Mental Metaphor
Melissa Grossbarth

Bodily Relativity; Gesture
Michelle Kim

Bodily Relativity
Sumer Vaid

Consumer Neuroscience; Mathematical Cognition; Embodiment
Marianna Zhang

Linguistic and Cultural Relativity
Kristy Huang

Bodily Relativity, Cultural Relativity
Summer RAs
Elias Blinkoff

The Think Tank, Language Development, Bilingualism, Educational Policy and Pedagogy
Jahn Madlangbayan

Bodily Relativity; Language Development; Language and Thought
Jennifer Pan

The Think Tank